Dr. Marcelle Petry

The primary thing to know about Dr. Marcelle Petry is that she is absolutely passionate about her life’s work. She knew from the time she was a small child that she wanted to be a doctor. Helping people and really having an important impact on the lives of others drove her passion to achieve — and achieve she has.

Graduating with highest honors and a degree in biology and chemistry from Oral Roberts University, Dr. Petry had planned a future in medical school and surgery. While waiting for word from medical school admissions, she attended an open house at Parker Chiropractic College and found it was exactly the kind of care she aspired to practice. Learning about chiropractic care was an answer to prayer. She was offered a scholarship to Parker and never looked back.

It’s been said about doctors of chiropractic that ‘you don’t choose chiropractic, chiropractic chooses you.’ In Dr. Petry’s case, the adage is certainly true. She went on to graduate from Parker Chiropractic College, Magna Cum Laude.

Dr. Marcelle Petry has been in practice for 12 years. She and her husband Eric are the owners of Healthy Body Chiropractic. The office has been serving the Mansfield community and its surrounding area for over 12 years. Dr. Petry is the chiropractor for all ages and walks of life, her patients range from pregnant moms and babies to business owners and athletes. She was recently named the team chiropractor for the Lady Panthers Girls Basketball Association.

Her passion for educating the public about her profession is evident in her speaking engagements, which include: General Motors, Delta Sorority, The Potter’s House, local women’s conferences and symposiums. She also hosted a radio broadcast on KHVN Heaven 97 called ‘Perfect Health God’s Way.’

She is also highly involved in her community and is an avid philanthropist. Dr. Petry and her husband founded the Mansfield Minority Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Their goal with this organization is to increase the visibility, opportunity, and access to resources of minority-based businesses. Additionally, through Healthy Body Chiropractic, she raises funds to support local charities during an annual event called ‘Community Care Celebration.’

Dr. Petry enjoys family time with her husband, daughter, Macayla, and son, John Eric. In 2012, she completed the full Dallas Marathon and loves basketball, golf, and hiking. Dr. Petry’s mission is to educate the public about the body and its God-given ability to heal itself.